Not blogging is not not cooking

Occasionally I’ll look up and search my memory, certain that there is a ‘relaxed’ season, one where the days do not blend together in a swirl of chaos.  Alas, I must be mistaken.  I must have read about it somewhere.

The late ending winter dropped directly into the waning weeks of school and the promise of summer.  Work continues to provide interesting challenges and a steady stream of positive energy.

When the weekly “Prepare blog entry” reminder in my calendar rings on Monday mornings it had been a largely perfunctory act - finalize the prose that had been forming in my mind over the course of prepping and cooking a recipe.  Throw in a dash of culinary identity crisis and a smidge of over commitment and it was not difficult to skip that first week.  <cue ominous intervention music now>  Skipping became habit, the rush of the skip ran over the disappointment of the miss.

At least that is how I envision it on the ‘Made for TV’ movie.

That’s a long winded way of saying that I’ve been maxxed out - at work and at home.  It has not stopped the cooking, only the blogging about such.

There are some great dishes that I’ve been tweaking over the last few months.  We’ll see how quickly they transform into entries/recipes.


IMG_0671 IMG_1036 IMG_1050 IMG_1057 IMG_1060 IMG_1069



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